Monthly archives: July, 2017


Joyas Pequeñas is an installation and sound ritual memorializing the chicanx/ indigenous bodies, both spiritual and physical, slain at the hands of the brutally imposed modern, colonial, gender system. A system which, through a systematic replication/ repetition of Euro-christian ideologies, erasure of indigenous cosmologies, and dichotomous hierarchies of human and non human, has been used to justify the rape, murder, and control of colonized bodies, memory, and land. The objects sounds and actions of this piece are a desperate attempt to connect with signs of culture and shreds of identity. A hybridized, fragile space.

A Snack Lacking Nutritional Value

A video installation which challenges the value placed on displays of Hyper-Masculinity and the often racist standards which mainstream society has deemed fit to dictate the value and beauty of the body. In this piece, Louis Coy wishes to present the radical thought that a small, effeminate, queer person of color is a sexual being, with intellectual value, who is fit to critique the terms of society which belittle their existence and de-value them both physically and intellectually, while creating new ownership of terms such as “twink” in an act of disidentification.


Premiere performance of Louis Coy’s “Joyas Pequeñas,” a sound ritual and installation memorializing the Xicanx/Indigenous bodies, both physical and spiritual, slain at the hands of an invasive Euro-Christian gender binary.

Performed February 12th 2017 at California Institute of the Arts, Roy O. Disney Hall.
Louis Coy- Vocals, Bass Clarinet, Flute
ABE – Vocals, Electronics
Marta Tiesenga – Bari Sax
Dylan Freeman – Electric Guitar